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Celebrate Mother's Day with us...Sunday, May 8th!

mothersdayMothers, grandmothers, mother’s-to-be and anyone else looking to treat mom on her special Day.

Can you think of anything more American than Mom and Apple Pie? We here at TEXAZ Grill know that those two go together to make one of our favorite combinations. So, Mom used to always treat you to fresh-baked apple pie, and now you can return the favor at your favorite neighborhood steakhouse! All day on Sunday, May 8th, TEXAZ Grill is serving a free slice of apple pie to all Valley Moms. Of course, proof of motherhood is required.



Texas Sweet Tea

teaIs sweet tea a Texas thing, or not? The answer to that question seems to depend on who you ask, what part of Texas they are from, how old they are, and where their family came from before they got here. Read more about it at Texas Monthly.